A funny thing happened on the way back to Islandista

I never thought I’d be away so long. But in 2014-2015, I truly needed to take a break from Islandista. Don’t get me wrong. I still loved it. I still got a buzz when I spotted my favourite islandistas out and shining or when I discovered ‘new’ islandistas excelling and doing it with ineffable island […]

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Rally Round the West Indies Women!

The men may have been disappointing Down Under but our ladies have made us incredibly proud, making to the finals of the Women’s World Cup – something our men’s team has not done since 1983! Captain Merissa Aguilleira says they want to bring the trophy home for the people of the West Indies. Speaking at […]

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Rally round the West Indies … women!

[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=World+Twenty20+cricket+women&iid=8730734″ src=”2/a/c/8/England_v_West_68b2.jpg?adImageId=12837178&imageId=8730734″ width=”380″ height=”253″ /] Soooo… once again, the West Indies men’s cricket team has disappointed us with their lack of heart, effort or discipline in the World Twenty20. It’s not so much that they lost to Australia – the Aussies have been like frigging Terminators in this series – machines covered […]

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Real islandistas RALLY!

That’s right. Thought we were just interested in fashion, music and suss? Nah – islandistas are Caribbean through and through and that means we love West Indies cricket – not just for the liming and all-inclusive partying from the Mound to the Trini Posse stand but the game itself.   True, it has been often […]

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Things that make us go hmm…

Straight from the ‘things that make us go hmmm’ vault, a tale of a certain WI cricketer and his unorthodox method of approaching the ladies. Apparently this cricketer who is often described as being quite outgoing and confident on the field is not so much so with ladies …sort of. According to our sources, during […]