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Meghan Trainor’s surprising soca background

By now, you surely must have heard Meghan Trainor’s number one hit ‘All About That Bass’. The catchy, bass-heavy (of course) tribute to thickies has been all over the radio. Its popularity has been boosted by┬áher fun and frothy music video with its pastel colours, bamsy-shaking and none-too-subtle digs at skinnier women. The 20 year […]

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So basically twerking is wukking up?

So twerking has been in the news a lot recently…thanks for that Miley Cyrus. The rise of twerking culminated (or crashed depending on which direction you’re coming from) with Miley’s dreadful VMAs performance last week. Oxford Dictionary added it to their online dictionary of current English and CNN and every major (ie. ‘serious’) news network […]

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Blaxx releases ‘Leh Go’ music video

Trinidad Carnival is approaching and we’re getting hype! In that spirit, here’s a new video to keep you wining at your desks during the day – Blaxx’s wonderful tune “Leh Go” which is easily one of our favourite tunes for Trinidad Carnival! Our only question – how come he didn’t enter Soca Monarch with this […]