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Skerrit Bwoy finds the Lord

Well, will wonders never cease… Y’all remember Skerrit Bwoy, right? The Antigua deejay/dancer who became a worldwide viral video sensation with his display of daggering? And how we got into it with him over it? Well our man – real name Dale Richardson-┬áhas found Jesus. Yes, is true! The Antigua Observer reports that due to […]

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Skerrit Bwoy responds…

Well, well, well, looka dis here. Remember, Skerrit Bwoy, the Antiguan deejay/’dancer’ we ripped a while back for his display of daggering (and table throwing) that has been youtubed around the world? We weren’t too complimentary of him, were we? Turns out we hurt his feelings a bit because a commenter using the name ‘the […]