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Inside look at Rihanna with touching family video

Awww! We really loved this touching family home video of Rihanna and her family that was posted for American Thanksgiving Day. Narrated by her mentor Jay-Z, it shows a ‘home-ish’ looking Ri-ri chatting with her mother, little brother Rajad and her “gran-gran”. Our favourite part? Rihanna’s mother Monica telling Rajad that he can’t just coast […]

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Another islandista ‘it girl’ – Nicole Fiscella

Well this came as a bit of surprise even to us here at islandista, who avidly track the Caribbean heritage of every celeb. Did you know that Gossip Girl’s Nicole Fiscella is an islandista? St. Lucian mother, Guyanese father. So… what gives with the last name Fiscella right? That’s what we thought. It’s not a […]