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Stella Jean brings Caribbean flair to Milan

It might not be the place you expect to find it but Milan is having a Caribbean moment right now. Like, today. Milan Fashion Week kicked off just today and all of the coolest islandistas are in town for the fashion festivities. Shala Monroque, Michelle Elie and Tamu McPherson have all been linking up at or […]

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Martinique’s Melodie rules the (fashion) world

  Martinique’s Melodie Monrose has emerged as the breakout star of the fashion season thus far -but didn’t we tell you so? Islandistas, in the fortnight since we highlighted her as the one to watch this fashion season, Melodie pretty much decimated New York Fashion week. Bagging 19 shows, she was far and away the […]


*UPDATED* Milan Fashion Week … Lyndsey on her own

    UPDATE: Turns out our hunch on Lyndsey Scott’s islandistaness was spot on! She responded to our email query today, confirming that her mother is from Trinidad. Our islandista-spotting instincts are on point! We’re loathe to paraphrase Kanye West (especially since he ent really in style nowadays) but … Milan Fashion Week don’t like black […]

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An islandista conundrum – Jourdan Dunn and tokenism in Milan

So anyone reading this blog would know that we here at Islandista   Jourdan Dunn. We really do. We love how she’s both fierce and gazelle-like, we love that she freely admitted she wished she had a big bamsy when she was younger and we love her refreshing frankness on the paucity of black models in high fashion. […]

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Et tu Milan Fashion Week?

Surely you would imagine that after all the talk in the last year about the lack of colour on the runways, and with Italian Vogue putting out their big-selling ‘all black’ issue this summer, that the runways for Milan Fashion Week would be more colourful. Alas … not. According to our friends at Shophound who […]