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Lala ties the knot!

Congrats to boricua Lala Vazquez, the former MTV VJ who finally tied the knot with her long time honey, Denver Nuggets baller Carmelo Anthony! The ceremony took place yesterday in New York City at the posh Ciprianis Restaurant with a host of sports and entertainment celebs in attendance.  The day was a lonnng time in coming – the two […]

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Rihanna and Chris Brown married!

Clearly Rihanna and Chris Brown are determined to take this soap opera from bad to worst. No, that wasn’t a typo cos they done skipped  through worse and went straight to the WORST thing they could have done – bonafide Bobby and Whitney mess. Yes, they’re married. The reports are now starting to leak out […]

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Political relationship commess in GT and TCI

Ok, so for some reason, baaaaare dirt has been spilt in the last two weeks on some high-profile political relationships- the former or soon to be former ‘First Ladies’ of Guyana and Turks and Caicos have been talking out a lot in the last two weeks about their estranged husbands and their relationships. The most […]

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Broodiness vs. wanderlust

I’m ready. I’m not ready yet. Damn it, sometimes it sucks to have the world as your oyster. Let me explain what I mean. I’m in my 20s and if I lived in a big city instead of a Caribbean island, I’d be pretty much what you would call a yuppie or buppie (young urban profession […]