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Bits and pieces – Leona’s race ban, red carpet sightings and Rihanna to speak out

You know every now and then we have to do a pelau post when there’s so much going on that we need to put it all in de pot! This is one of those – we have news from all over – on Ri-ri, Leona (Le-le?) and islandistas on the red carpet from Rio to […]

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Does ‘Skerritt Bwoy’ hate women?

My. God. That was about all I could manage to say when I first saw the video above of Dutty Fridaze in Los Angeles. As an islandista, I was just ashamed. The people making themselves look like complete savages. There are just so many ugly stereotypes bouncing up in that video, I can’t even begin […]

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Update: Ok magazine and several other media outlets are reporting that Rihanna and Chris are now holed up at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel Beverly Hills Hotel. After jetting ‘home’ from Miami on Sunday night (see post below) they decided not to return to their individual homes in L.A. but ‘hide out’ at one of the […]

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Remember where you came from…

We quite liked these pics snapped of Rihanna as she puttered about LA preparing for the Grammies this Sunday.   We love it not just because of the fab looks on both girls – though we do love the floaty white skirt and quirky touch of the pearls on Rihanna and the plaid shirt in […]