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Is Foreday Morning becoming like ‘Monday mas’?

With Foreday Morning now officially the biggest event of the Crop-Over festival (46 bands and 21,000 revellers this year), there has been much debate about the direction of the event. Foreday started out as a j’ouvert-type, ‘dutty mas’ street party, a mud-and-paint-and-chocolate alternative to the pretty mas of Kadooment Day. But at some point a […]

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NYC principal in hot water over jouvert-type pic

  Now islandistas, what does this look like to you? Makes you think of j’ouvert, Foreday morning, dutty mas, doesn’t it? Well, while we’re not sure if the lady in this picture is a West Indian, she is in some major trouble over this photo – among other things. She is principal Sharron Smalls of Jane […]

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Palancing in Kingston!

   The ‘little carnival that could’ – Jamaica Carnival, would have wrapped up today in Kingston.  In the face of all resistance from many in JA society who decry Carnival as slackness (including, ironically, many supporters of the dancehall community) and lick out against it, Ja carnival keeps pressing on and growing.  One of the […]