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Island Fusion does it digitally for its 2014 launch

Island Fusion decided to forego the traditional band launch for its fifth year in the Foreday game. Instead, their single-letter band theme V seems to stand for video as they went for a digital launch of their 2014 presentation. The video has a dark, slightly improvisational feel and it’s a bit difficult to see all […]

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Rihanna’s home for Crop-Over…cue international press hysteria

Rihanna is back home and jamming for Crop-Over and unlike last time, when she only jumped for Kadooment Day and stayed mostly on the truck, she got home in time for the Foreday Morning and this time she was! The picture above is easily the most demure of her photos. Check the Daily Mail […]

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Island Fusion wheels and comes again

…After a less than rapturous response to the launch of ‘Once Upon a Time’, their 2012 Foreday morning band for Crop-Over. The hotly anticipated Foreday Morning Band didn’t live up to expectations with the first incarnation of their band which was launched on Friday. Word on the ground was that many were pretty disappointed and […]

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UPDATED: Crop-Over 2K10 trend – Foreday Morning Bands

Updated: There is now a link to the Nation Newspaper article quoting the NCF’s Mark Massiah as confirming what we said below – 15 bands, 10 of which are new. PLUS – the route will be longer this year! Massiah also confirmed that there would be a slightly longer route this year, from Heliport on […]