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‘I Am An Islandista’ featuring Nikeisha Boothe & Kimberley Lue Lim of ‘I Love JA’

Yayyy! We’re super excited about this interview. We featured their hot, boasy, islandista-ful tees last week and now here they are – the islandistas behind the ‘I Love JA’ line – Kimberley Lue Lim and Nikeisha Boothe. One thing comes across clearly from these two 20-something islandistas – they really do┬álove┬áJamaica – a deep pride […]

Fashion Islandistas on the Rise

Hot Islandista style: I Love JA tees

It was love at first sight the first time we laid eyes on these funky I love JA tees. Simple, colourful, cool and playing to our natural ‘boasy-ness’, the shirts scream islandista. Not surprisingly, they are indeed the brainchild of two young islandistas – Nikeisha Boothe and Kimberley Lue Lim. Even more winningly, they expanded […]