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Queen Fay-Ann!

Tell them that ah tough like iron When ah done wid dem, Dey bound to know know why mih name is Fay-Ann Lyons. What did we say, nuh? Who could beat de lady wid de carnival baby? Not a man – or woman! As expected, Super-preggy Fay-Ann Lyons won the Road March, sweeping all three soca […]

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Fay-Ann and Destra out front & islandistas at Oscar parties

                  So up to now, we here at Islandista are still not sure who has won the Road March title in Trinidad and Tobago. From all accounts, it seems to be a close battle between Fay-Ann Lyons ‘Meet Super Blue’ and Destra Garcia’s ‘Bacchanal’. Checking Trinidad’s major papers […]

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SuperPreggy sweeeeeeep!

Who can stop the woman wid de Carnival baby this year? Not a man – not even hers! As I predicted, Fay-Ann won the International Power Soca Monarch contest early this morning at the Hasely Crawford Stadium after she mash up the people place with Meet Super Blue annnnd… she win de Groovy Soca Monarch too […]

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So I’m just going to go ahead and call this for Fay-Ann Lyons. They have not yet announced the results of the Bmobile International Power Soca Monarch contest and the Playwey (?) Groovy Soca Monarch contest but if Fay-Ann ent win de big one (power soca) then the judges did not see what the whole […]

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Fay-Ann on her pregnancy and more Obama pics

Thanks to poster bandi who not only commented on the post about Fay-Ann performing while pregnant but gave us a link to Synergy TV where there is a video posted of Fay-Ann herself performing and commenting on the reaction to her pregnancy. Fay-Ann’s message to the tut-tut-tutters?   “Somebody say I am not supposed to […]