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Say it ain’t so…VCB tests positive for banned diuretic

It’s been over two days since I first heard the news and I still cannot believe it. I have to write this post in the first person because this is personal. I have admired VCB for so long – have sung her praises right here on Islandista so many times. So words are inadequate to describe how […]

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Big fail Shelly-Ann :(

Daaaaammnnnn Shelly! It’s not like we think you wilfully cheated – after all, the drug that showed up in your failed test from the Shanghai meet is neither performance-enhancing nor stimulant-masking. But it’s just not a good look, hon. You know well enough that there are x-amount of haters out there looking for a flaw […]

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Jourdan Dunn’s boyfriend jailed

Sigh. Why couldn’t he just be a nice young man? The news broke this weekend that Jourdan Dunn’s boyfriend (and the father of her two month old son) has been jailed for three years for selling coke. Weirdly enough his name is Jordan too – Jordan Cummings a 20 year old from  North London. British […]

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Shelly-ann does it again!

Islandistas and islandistos are again doing it like only we  do (*coff – bussing up records drug-free*) in the World Championships in Berlin! Of course, everyone in the world saw or watched the Youtube clips of Usain Bolt MASHING UP his own men’s 100m world record last night in a sizzling time of 9.58 – […]