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Why Rihanna’s CFDA Awards outfit was brilliant marketing

One t’ing bout that red girl from Westbury Road though – she know how to mek people talk! The Dress has been dominating social media around the world for the past 48 hours and if you think that wasn’t purpose work, well you must be now hear bout Mrs. Fenty girl-child. So Rihanna wore what […]

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Michelle Obama in Europe – fashion hits and misses

The ever-fabulous First Lady of the US, Michelle Obama is in Europe with her husband right now on his first major foreign tour. Thus far there has been a G-20 summit, a meeting with the Queen and there is still a NATO summit and a US-EU summit to go before the whirlwind trip is over. […]

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Leg of mutton dressed up as…

I well tired now and I ent even get to blog about Trinidad Carnival which is reaching its peak this weekend but I promise all you islandistas that I will get to it! Just now! Soon come! And all of that… But I just got a quick ting to drop pun yuh from the Brit […]

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Just because we love it

Looking through some of the previous posts here on Islandista, you may have picked up that one of our favourite current trends is origami folds in clothing. So with that said, there is no further point to this post than to show you the fabulous black and white dress worn by Oscar nominee Taraji P. […]

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Bits & Pieces: Riri stage sickness, Estelle’s EMA dress

We’re only just (barely!) coming down off of our Obama high and turning our attention to other pressing issues… like some good, old fashioned suss! We were so consumed that we actually missed a few things in the last few days – like Rihanna’s nearly collapsing at a show in Sydney, Australia and MTV’s European […]