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Rose Cordero channels Grace Jones in Paris Vogue

Many black models (and some wannabe arm candy-turned models) have tried but few have truly managed to carry off the numerous Grace Jones tribute fashion editorials that fashion mags are so fond of. But Rose Cordero comes pretty close in the latest issue of Paris Vogue.

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Sammy Sosa & black denial in the DR

A friend and fellow islandista brought our attention to this article from the Miami Herald from back in 2007. And … wow! It certainly gives a lot of perspective on Sammy Sosa’s little ‘skin rejuvenation’ exercise. We had heard that ‘shadeism’ was bad in the DR but we did not know it was as bad […]

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Now Sammy Sosa’s bleaching too?

Well a whaddis fadda?! Just yesterday we blasted the eediat gal Lisa Hype over her song Proud a mi Bleaching. At least she owned up to it openly. However, Major League batter Sammy Sosa wants us to believe that he is undergoing a “rejuvenation process for his skin” and that is why he was photographed […]