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Destra’s new music video ‘Lucy’…are you ready?

So the Queen of Bacchanal Destra Garcia brought out the music video for her popular groovy soca tune ‘Lucy’ a few days ago. Good timing since she’s performing in the International Soca Monarch semis taking place today and what better way to put the song in our heads than with a music video? Especially this […]

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Destra welcomes her baby girl

Islandista and soca mummy Destra Garcia gave birth to her baby girl, Xaiya yesterday, almost exactly at full term. The Express in Trinidad reported that the baby, who weighed in at 6 lbs and 15 oz, came a day earlier than her due date – wha kinda island baby little Xaiya is, being so prompt?! […]

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To Bey or not to Bey?

Ok, ok, that isn’t really the question because there is no way in hell that TSTT, Brian Lara and Dwight Yorke are going to give up the big money bound to come in from the Beyonce concert scheduled for two days after Trini Carnival. Especially not with the US$200 VVIP tickets sold out on the […]

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Another soca mummy – Destra pregnant

Wha de jail…! How on earth did we at islandista miss this? Soca songbird Destra Garcia is joining the line of soca mummies as she is pregnant with her first child. She revealed this in an interview with the Trinidad Express last week. She told the Express she did not even realise she was pregnant […]

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Queen Fay-Ann!

Tell them that ah tough like iron When ah done wid dem, Dey bound to know know why mih name is Fay-Ann Lyons. What did we say, nuh? Who could beat de lady wid de carnival baby? Not a man – or woman! As expected, Super-preggy Fay-Ann Lyons won the Road March, sweeping all three soca […]

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Fay-Ann and Destra out front & islandistas at Oscar parties

                  So up to now, we here at Islandista are still not sure who has won the Road March title in Trinidad and Tobago. From all accounts, it seems to be a close battle between Fay-Ann Lyons ‘Meet Super Blue’ and Destra Garcia’s ‘Bacchanal’. Checking Trinidad’s major papers […]

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Bits & pieces – Machel’s rant, Rihanna’s statement and more…

So much has been going on these past few days – the Rihanna situation, Trinidad Carnival, New York Fashion Week, that it’s hard to get it all in but we’re trying! First off, we have some behind the scenes pics (compliments E-Zone Entertainment – big ups to Lisa Wickham – that woman is everywhere) of […]

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Carnival coming!

Islandistas, it is that time of year again – as I logged on to the Trinidad Express site this morning I was feeling it! Their front page pic let you know that Carnival is definitely in the air. Of course, our fellow islandistas over at Trinidad Carnival Diary been feeling de Carnival feeling from when […]