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Farewell Rex

No, he’s not an islandista but every islandista worth her salt should know of Professor Rex Nettleford – since islandistas are after all, cultured Caribbean women and Rex was a cultural icon in this region. And now he’s gone. Nettleford died yesterday in the U.S. at the age of 76 after having a massive heart […]

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Michael Jackson death ruled a homicide

Oh sheeeeet. Dr. Conrad Murray is now really in potta/shit street/up a creek without a paddle. You pick the metaphor. The Los Angeles County Coroner has ruled that the King of Pop’s death was a homicide and the likely cause was a lethal combination of drugs. Every news outlet and their mother is running with […]

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The King is dead. Michael Jackson 1958-2009

What can we say? The King of Pop is dead. There was so much said about Michael Jackson during his life – good, bad and outrageous. We really don’t think there is anything we can add to all that has been said. We all know the story – the dizzying heights of fame and success, […]

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Jizelle Salandy dies in car crash

Sad news for the new year coming out of Trinidad, islandistas. One of our young stars who was literally both fierce and fabulous as only an islandista can be, has gone. Champion boxer Jizelle Salandy died on Sunday morning in a terrible car accident on the Beetham Highway in T&T.

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Esmin Green’s family to sue hospital

Just a quick update on the Esmin Green tragedy. Her family is planning to sue Kings County Hospital for US$25 million. Green’s oldest daughter and family spokesperson┬áTecia Harrison was even more devastated upon actually seeing the security footage of her mother’s dying moments. From Carib World News via Caribbean 360: Green`s eldest daughter, Tecia Harrison, […]