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Islandista Original Fashion Editorial: Old Time Somet’ing Come Back Again (Summer 2013)

Islandistas, as you would know, we’ve been doing quite a lot over on the print side of things for the last year and a half or so. In fact, during Christmas 2013, we celebrated the first anniversary of Islandista magazine which is based (for now) in Barbados. However, we wanted to share what we’ve been […]

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So basically twerking is wukking up?

So twerking has been in the news a lot recently…thanks for that Miley Cyrus. The rise of twerking culminated (or crashed depending on which direction you’re coming from) with Miley’s dreadful VMAs performance last week. Oxford Dictionary added it to their online dictionary of current English and CNN and every major (ie. ‘serious’) news network […]

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Islandista on the rise: Natalie Storm hits MTV UK

Jamaican dancehall/R&B artist Natalie Storm is moving up inna life. Her video for the single ‘Look Pon Me’ has made it into the rotation of both MTV UK and MTV Base. Check it out below. The video was already making moves regionally, airing on Jamaican music channels Hype and ReTV and on┬áregional music network Tempo. […]