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Summer Carnival season is here!

  Islandistas, can you feel it? The summer carnival season is ready to get going! In fact, in St. Vincent and St. Lucia, whose carnivals fall on July 6-7 and July 20-21 respectively, the Carnival season is already starting to buzz.      Just For Fun, Toxik, Red Unlimited and Royalites are among the bands that […]

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Artistry vs. sexy – the mas dilemma

Beautiful … but artistic? (photo credit: Baje International) It is getting close to the summer Carnival season in the Caribbean and its diaspora. In the next few months, St. Vincent, St.Lucia, Barbados, Antigua, Grenada, Toronto, London and New York will all hold carnivals (whew!) Which brings the modern reveller to the eternal dilemma – do […]