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Is Foreday Morning becoming like ‘Monday mas’?

With Foreday Morning now officially the biggest event of the Crop-Over festival (46 bands and 21,000 revellers this year), there has been much debate about the direction of the event. Foreday started out as a j’ouvert-type, ‘dutty mas’ street party, a mud-and-paint-and-chocolate alternative to the pretty mas of Kadooment Day. But at some point a […]

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Rihanna jumps with Zulu International for Crop-Over 2013

Oooooh it was killing us to keep this a secret but now the whole world knows 🙂 …so we can finally be out with it! Bajan superstar Rihanna jumped with newcomer (and Islandista collaborator) Zulu International on the road today for Kadooment Day, the climax of Barbados’ Crop-Over festival. With her new curly short do, she […]

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A few observations on Beach House and Bliss…

Everyone’s already doing it so there’s no sense in tip-toeing around the issue and acting as if Crop-Over party-goers aren’t comparing the two all-inclusives. Both the kings in their respective countries, this year was the first time that the two went head to head as Beach House branched out  from their home base in Trinidad […]

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Island Fusion wheels and comes again

…After a less than rapturous response to the launch of ‘Once Upon a Time’, their 2012 Foreday morning band for Crop-Over. The hotly anticipated Foreday Morning Band didn’t live up to expectations with the first incarnation of their band which was launched on Friday. Word on the ground was that many were pretty disappointed and […]

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Summer Carnival season 2010 is here!

Ye, ye, last year we announced this in May but we are just busting this year! We even more hype than usual! And the bands aren’t holding back either – two bands from traditional August carnivals – Antigua’s Myst and Barbados’ Berger Boyz, have already launched, all in April… so why should we hold back! […]

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TC wins at last… and how!

For years now, Barbados’ TC has been one of those ‘always a bridesmaid, never a bride’ kaisonians. Second and third place knew her well and even though she was a perpetual finalist in Barbados’ Calypso Monarch contest and a regular finalist in the Party Monarch contest, she never could seem to make the breakthrough. Sometimes […]

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A bit of Crop-Over suss – no Lara fete, no eNVy

Just a quickie here about one of the most hotly-anticipated parties on the Crop-Over fete scene – Brian Lara’s all-inclusive at his plantation home – Ebworth. It’s not on this year. Sorry folks. Islandista has it on very good authority that Lara’s all-inclusive do which has been in Barbados the last 3,4 years or so […]

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Baje & Power X 4 unveil their costumes

They’re baaaaack! Barbados’ two biggest bands, Baje International and Power X Four both unveiled their costumes on Friday in different ways. Power X Four sent an e-newsletter to their mailing list with a ‘sneak peek’ of their costumes while Baje International had their official media launch at Red Rock at the end of the Gap. Here […]

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More costume bands from NYC to Bim

Week by week, Barbados’ Crop-Over festival is heating up with more bands launching. Small and mid-size bands such as Wednesday 2000, Jump and Ooutraje have all launched recently. Our initial reaction to Wednesday 2000 was … mehhhh. A lot of the costumes just were not cutting it, like these two selections below. What’s going on here? […]

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Getting Crop-Over-ish in this crank…

Slowly but surely, the Crop-Over season is starting to heat up. Brewster’s Road held its first pre-Crop-Over warm up lime on Friday night and it was goooo-ood! I had friends who show up at the lime from all half hour before the 6 p.m. start and all when Saturday morning come, they were still there. […]