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Rihanna jumps with Zulu International for Crop-Over 2013

Oooooh it was killing us to keep this a secret but now the whole world knows 🙂 …so we can finally be out with it! Bajan superstar Rihanna jumped with newcomer (and Islandista collaborator) Zulu International on the road today for Kadooment Day, the climax of Barbados’ Crop-Over festival. With her new curly short do, she […]

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Rihanna’s home for Crop-Over…cue international press hysteria

Rihanna is back home and jamming for Crop-Over and unlike last time, when she only jumped for Kadooment Day and stayed mostly on the truck, she got home in time for the Foreday Morning and this time she was! The picture above is easily the most demure of her photos. Check the Daily Mail […]

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The party weekend starts now!

It’s BEACH HOUSE TIME! …and Lush time and Frazzled time and Glow time and CPL time… I swear, today must be the partying-est day of the year in Barbados! There are a ton of fetes on today – from Beach House’s first foray outside of Trinidad (if you haven’t, check out our exclusive interview with […]

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First Crop-Over 2013 band launches

Wow – they’re just launching earlier and earlier these days aren’t they? Last year’s early then late newcomer Dragon Fly Mas (it’s confusing I know) decided not to be tardy for the party in 2013. This time, they have it all together, with a brand new designer on board in Kesia Estwick and last weekend […]

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Beach House heading to Bim for Crop-Over 2013?

Could it be? Is Trinidad Carnival’s premiere all-inclusive Beach House about to have a Barbados edition? Looks so, from this pic and others that they posted on their Facebook page yesterday where they were “looking for the location” in Barbados. The photos also drop strong hints that they’re headed to the East  Coast. Interestingly Saucy […]