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Fay-Ann and Bunji out of Soca Monarch contests

It was the come-back that wasn’t. The First Couple of Soca – Fay-Ann Lyons and Bunji Garlin have pulled out of the International Power Soca and Groovy Soca Monarch contests, just a few weeks after they had announced that they had returned to the contest which they have dominated over the years. And once again, […]

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Nicki Minaj shoots ‘Pound the Alarm’ video in Trinidad

Oh gawsh Nicki, ya know we love ya bad…! One of our favourite islandistas, rapper Nicki Minaj was in Trinidad recently shining the spotlight on her homeland by shooting her ‘Pound the Alarm’ video there. A very good look indeed. We love islandistas who use their status to big up where they’re from. From the […]

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Kadooment band launches- Contact is here!

The music has been out for a while and now Crop-Over is finally getting into full swing with launches of some more bands, including some of Barbados’ largest and most popular bands. Contact launched on Friday with a wicked, wicked launch party and the pics of their 2009 presentation ‘Firestones’ are already up. Check out some […]

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It’s a girl for Fay-Ann and Bunji!

Ok, it’s for real this time! Road March and double Soca Monarch Fay-Ann Lyons gave birth to her first child, a baby girl at the Mount Hope Hospital’s Maternity Unit around noon yesterday. While her and Bunji’s manager Ian Pantin, assured the media that she was fine, there must have been some scary moments leading […]

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A pelau post for my islandistas!

I got a pelau kind of post for y’all here – a bit of this and a bit of that. Let it simmer and it gine be real good! 🙂 The day after completing her Carnival sweep, Queen of the Road, Fay-Ann Lyons-Alvarez was resting up at home and laughing off rumours that she had […]

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UPDATED: Fay-Ann delivered the carnival baby?

Update: False alarm! Turns out that this was just a rumour – but apparently, even a television station in TnT reported it and from there it went flying. However, we have received reports, both from bandi, in the comments section and also someone who has just returned from Trinidad this evening, that it is false. […]

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SuperPreggy sweeeeeeep!

Who can stop the woman wid de Carnival baby this year? Not a man – not even hers! As I predicted, Fay-Ann won the International Power Soca Monarch contest early this morning at the Hasely Crawford Stadium after she mash up the people place with Meet Super Blue annnnd… she win de Groovy Soca Monarch too […]

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Fay-Ann on her pregnancy and more Obama pics

Thanks to poster bandi who not only commented on the post about Fay-Ann performing while pregnant but gave us a link to Synergy TV where there is a video posted of Fay-Ann herself performing and commenting on the reaction to her pregnancy. Fay-Ann’s message to the tut-tut-tutters?   “Somebody say I am not supposed to […]

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Carnival baby – performing while preggers

As we all know by now, Fay-Ann Lyons-Alvarez, Trinidad’s Road March queen, wife of Soca Monarch Bunji Garlin and half of soca’s First Couple is nuff months pregnant. The news was announced back in November, when Fay-Ann started wearing … well wearing clothes! Since  Fay-Ann’s ridiculously flat belly has always been her best and most […]