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The Face contest: “I don’t consider myself a black girl model”…Naomi: “WTF?!”

So one thing y’all should know – Ms. Naomi Campbell does not tek back her chat. The Jamaican-brit supermodel is outspoken as all hell, particularly on issues of race in the fashion industry. She has never hesitated to tell it like it is. Which is why it probably was not a good idea for  Devyn […]

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Sammy Sosa & black denial in the DR

A friend and fellow islandista brought our attention to this article from the Miami Herald from back in 2007. And … wow! It certainly gives a lot of perspective on Sammy Sosa’s little ‘skin rejuvenation’ exercise. We had heard that ‘shadeism’ was bad in the DR but we did not know it was as bad […]

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Islandista who keeps rising – Soledad O’Brien

  Everyone wants a piece of Soledad O’Brien. Seriously. The famous CNN journalist and Special Investigations host was born in the United States to a black Cuban mother and white Australian father of Irish descent. Looks simple written there but when you hear that she is a member of both the National Association of Black Journalists […]

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NY Fashion week gets it : black is the new black

Let’s hope we’re not putting our mouth on the fashion industry by speaking too quickly but it finally seems like the message of diversity is getting through to the fashion types. Maybe it’s the Obama effect, as the NY Times put it, (or as Tracy Morgan  more succintly put it: “black is the new president, bitch!”) but […]