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Celebrating sisterhood- let’s hear it for girlfriends!

“My $i$tren!!! My hitta!!! I know I tell you thi$ all the time, but Money cud neva buy what you give me!! Our friend$hip will alway$ be family!” Thus read part of the raunchy, riotous and deeply heartfelt birthday message which Barbadian superstar Rihanna posted on Instagram in tribute to her long-time best friend Melissa […]

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Beverly Hills and Hills corncurls

  (photo credit:WENN/Splash news/ Islandista… LAVS… this picture! It’s pretty old but if you ever lived in Barbados, you will find it funny as hell. Why Rihanna’s BFF felt she needed to bring Hills corn curls all the way up to Beverly Hills we don’t know… but we think it’s hilarious! Now that’s repping Bim!  And […]