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Dancehall bits and pieces…

So we have pure news from yaad for you this morning, starting with a review of the style on display at the Hype TV awards weekend before last. To be honest, judging from the pics I’ve seen on yardflex, most of them just ‘nuh mek it’ as Jamaicans say. I know it’s dancehall but a […]

Celebrities Entertainment Relationships & Family Suss!

Beenie dogging out D’Angel, Barbee

Oh Beenie, Beenie, Beenie… Why you have to move soap-opera-ish so? You can’t just leave well enough alone? ‘No comment’ ent gine burn yuh tongue you know. Once again, Beenie Man is out there talking his wife D’Angel’s name … and he threw in a side swipe at ex-girlfriend-who-he-never-publicly-acknowledged-despite-being-seen-everywhere-together Barbee too.   In an interview on […]