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Baje International presents Mega Monday – did we love it?

If you follow us on social media, you would have seen that the Islandista team was live at the launch of Baje International’s Crop-Over 2014 presentation on Friday night at the Hilton’s Charles Fort. Baje along with Power X Four, is one of the established Crop-Over kingpins and is actually celebrating its 15th anniversary as […]

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Barbados’ biggest Crop-Over bands launch!

  Islandistas, I know it has been a minute – my apologies! How could I abandon you, especially at a time like this when Barbados’ Crop-Over festival is now heading into full swing? The last week has been the unofficial official start to the festival – Baje International launched last Friday, Power x 4 is officially […]

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Baje & Power X 4 unveil their costumes

They’re baaaaack! Barbados’ two biggest bands, Baje International and Power X Four both unveiled their costumes on Friday in different ways. Power X Four sent an e-newsletter to their mailing list with a ‘sneak peek’ of their costumes while Baje International had their official media launch at Red Rock at the end of the Gap. Here […]

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Getting Crop-Over-ish in this crank…

Slowly but surely, the Crop-Over season is starting to heat up. Brewster’s Road held its first pre-Crop-Over warm up lime on Friday night and it was goooo-ood! I had friends who show up at the lime from all half hour before the 6 p.m. start and all when Saturday morning come, they were still there. […]