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Limo driver apologises to Naomi Campbell over attack allegations

Boy, all we could do is laugh when we read this one. Somehow, the limo driver who was allegedly attacked by Naomi Campbell earlier this week, has ended up apologising to her. The driver, Miodrag Mejdina, issued a statement through his lawyer which said: “I got angry and overreacted. It was a misunderstanding and I […]

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UK music tidbits – Leona, Alexandra and Keisha

All kinds of things going on with our UK islandistas this week. First, the follow-up to the shocking attack on Leona Lewis – apparently the attacker, 29 year old Peter Kowalczyk, was a bitter X-Factor reject. His father told UK tabloid the Sun: “He wants to be a singer. He went along and queued at X […]

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Leona Lewis ATTACKED at book signing!

Well what the fecking feck?!   British singer (and islandista by descent) Leona Lewis was randomly slapped by a male ‘fan’ at a book signing today at a Waterstone’s book store in London. One eyewitness told the BBC: “My brother saw the whole incident. He [the attacker] walked up there with the book, she signed […]