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Islandista Approved: the Aurora Breakfast Party

Progress is always good. We love to see events and people improve from year to year and that’s why this year’s edition of the Crop-Over Breakfast Party Aurora was so great. From the lush and lovely venue to the perfect park and ride, the ever-flowing drinks, constant food and great performances, Aurora was on point […]

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A few observations on Beach House and Bliss…

Everyone’s already doing it so there’s no sense in tip-toeing around the issue and acting as if Crop-Over party-goers aren’t comparing the two all-inclusives. Both the kings in their respective countries, this year was the first time that the two went head to head as Beach House branched out ¬†from their home base in Trinidad […]

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The party weekend starts now!

It’s BEACH HOUSE TIME! …and Lush time and Frazzled time and Glow time and CPL time… I swear, today must be the partying-est day of the year in Barbados! There are a ton of fetes on today – from Beach House’s first foray outside of Trinidad (if you haven’t, check out our exclusive interview with […]

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Beach House heading to Bim for Crop-Over 2013?

Could it be? Is Trinidad Carnival’s premiere all-inclusive Beach House about to have a Barbados edition? Looks so, from this pic and others that they posted on their Facebook page yesterday where they were “looking for the location” in Barbados. The photos also drop strong hints that they’re headed to the East ¬†Coast. Interestingly Saucy […]

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Bits and pieces – Lara fete back on, socially aware fashion and more…

Yes islandistas, I have another pelau post here for you – a bit of this and a bit of that and you know seh it always good! First up – apparently Brian Lara’s all-inclusive Crop-Over party is back on. The Prince changed his mind over a week ago so all systems are go once again. […]

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Which all-inclusive will run tings this year?

We know that islandistas STAY partying – even though the recession is real, we still need to ease the tension with a li’l fete. And this is the season for it – summer! In Barbados, the Crop-Over season is just hitting high gear – three more weeks of frenetic partying to go! With the demise […]

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A bit of Crop-Over suss – no Lara fete, no eNVy

Just a quickie here about one of the most hotly-anticipated parties on the Crop-Over fete scene – Brian Lara’s all-inclusive at his plantation home – Ebworth. It’s not on this year. Sorry folks. Islandista has it on very good authority that Lara’s all-inclusive do which has been in Barbados the last 3,4 years or so […]