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Islandista Original Fashion Editorial: Old Time Somet’ing Come Back Again (Summer 2013)

Islandistas, as you would know, we’ve been doing quite a lot over on the print side of things for the last year and a half or so. In fact, during Christmas 2013, we celebrated the first anniversary of Islandista magazine which is based (for now) in Barbados. However, we wanted to share what we’ve been […]

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Bring back the 90s!

It’s inevitable isn’t it? Just like how 70s fashion came back in the 90s with bell-bottoms (flares anyone) and afros being ok again and the 80s has hideously resurfaced in recent years with everything from acid-wash to shoulder pads and (urgh*) Hammer┬ápants,┬ábeing regurgitated, we figure the 90s has to be the next decade of fashion […]