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Notes on the BET Awards 08 – Islandistas on the red carpet

 Trini-descended islandista Nia Long was absolutely working this plum-coloured dress. I loved everything about it – the rich colour, the daring back with just the two suspender-like straps down to the waist, the draped pockets at the sides, the plunging neckline – it was a winner from every direction. And of course, Nia herself is […]

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Islandistas in Italian Vogue’s all-black issue

(photo credit: New York magazine) So every fashionista worth a damn has been buzzing about Italian Vogue’s all-black issue which came out this week. We all know how hard it is to find women of colour in the fashion industry – whether on the runways or in the editorials. And there has been a lot […]

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Notes on the BET Awards 08 – Mellow yellow

The colour on the red carpet at last night’s BET Awards 2008 was definitely yellow – the perfect colour for summer and a big trend for Summer 08. It’s actually my favourite colour choice out of the neon brights that are so in for this season.  Hence I’ve been pouncing on cute yellow items whenever I get […]

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Islandista ‘It’ Girls

Maybe it’s just a coincidence or how the stars are aligned right now but I have noticed that an increasing number of the ‘It’ girls making waves over and away these days are also islandistas – or at least islandistas by descent. Now what do I mean by an ‘it girl’ ? After all, it’s still […]


Oh Naomi…

(photo credit: Daily   Oh Naomi … sigh. Why black women just won’t leave weave alone, nuh? It is bad enough that you have pleaded guilty yet again to pelting hand (and apparently foot and spit too for good measure) in someone. As an islandista-by-extraction you are making it bad for us and let […]

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No, no a thousand times no…

(photo credit: Oh dear… Ri-ri, tell us your stylist made you do it. Because we have seen you evolve from a teenybopper into a fashionista and trendsetter par excellence and as islandistas, we have been proud of you. You have been a great standard-bearer for all true islandistas, killing it with your fashion choices […]

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Artistry vs. sexy – the mas dilemma

Beautiful … but artistic? (photo credit: Baje International) It is getting close to the summer Carnival season in the Caribbean and its diaspora. In the next few months, St. Vincent, St.Lucia, Barbados, Antigua, Grenada, Toronto, London and New York will all hold carnivals (whew!) Which brings the modern reveller to the eternal dilemma – do […]

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The extra-fly future First Lady Obama

So Barack Obama finally won the Democratic presidential nomination last night – and I’m thrilled! Like many others in the Caribbean, this is one US presidential race I have been following avidly and I think we all feel a bit invested in his historic campaign and proud of what he has accomplished and what it […]

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If only…

(photo credit: The Sartorialist) *Sigh*… I adore this outfit. It’s from the Sartorialist blog and was taken in London. Everything about is so coolly individual – the bow tie, the brogue shoes, the stripey socks, the stripey dress that would ordinarily be rather ugly on its own but looks inspired paired with the other items. […]


In case you needed another reason to shop…

A story in the New York Times’ style section has confirmed what we’ve all sensed… that while every damn thing is going up, including food, fashion at least is becoming more affordable than ever. At least at one end of the market. At the mainstream, ‘fast fashion’ end of the market, clothes are cheaper than […]