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Rihanna admits that she and Chris Brown are back together: “Even if it’s a mistake, it’s my mistake.”

So Rihanna has confirmed to Rolling Stone what the whole world (or at least the segment that’s on Twitter) knew for the longest while – she and Chris Brown are back together, four years after he beat her so badly the night before the Grammy awards in 2009. In a candid interview with Rolling Stone, […]

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Our take on the Rihanna-Chris Brown musical ‘reunion’

We know you’ve heard about it by now – Rihanna and Chris Brown chose the occasion of her 24th birthday on Monday to reveal their new quid pro quo collabos with each other – him on her tune ‘Birthday Cake’ and her on his tune ‘Turn Up the Music’. And they used their closely watched […]

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The mysterious death of Joyce Carol Vincent

We don’t know much about Joyce Carol Vincent – and that is the central theme of this very sad and strange story. We know that she was British, of Caribbean descent, the youngest of her sisters and the only one born in the U.K. We know that she was beautiful with ambitions of being a […]

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Inside look at Rihanna with touching family video

Awww! We really loved this touching family home video of Rihanna and her family that was posted for American Thanksgiving Day. Narrated by her mentor Jay-Z, it shows a ‘home-ish’ looking Ri-ri chatting with her mother, little brother Rajad and her “gran-gran”. Our favourite part? Rihanna’s mother Monica telling Rajad that he can’t just coast […]

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Cedella Marley’s ‘One Love’ children’s book

So, as I revealed last week, I have a slight obsession (addiction?) to buying cute stuff for my mini islandista. Especially if they are Caribbean. This goes for double for books. I am a life-long bookworm- a love inherited from my mom who is a librarian. Right now, I am an absolute Elephant and Piggie […]

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We love it – ESP jr. clothing line

Ok, so confession time. Ever since I gave birth to my own wonderful, awesome, hugely entertaining (babies are unwittingly hee-lar-i-ous! Who knew?) little islandista, I have been absolutely dotish about baby stuff. Forget about the military industrial complex – I am here to tell you that the baby industrial complex is real and powered by […]

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Zoe Saldana and fiance break up

That’s sad… After 11 years of coupledom, one of our favourite islandistas, Zoe Saldana is now single after splitting with her fiance Keith Britton. Her rep told US Weekly magazine that the two have “amicably seperated” but remain “committed business partners” in their fashion resource website Wow. That’s got to be intense. Zoe is […]

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A salute to mothers like Michele Jodhan Ayoung-Chee

Wow. When I started this post, it was going to be a short post highlighting comments which Anya Ayoung-Chee’s mother Michele Jodhan Ayoung-Chee made about the “hell” Anya endured with her sex tape scandal some years ago. But in searching for a photo of Michele to go with the piece, I came across another article […]

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Rihanna’s ‘We Found Love’ vid makes us go hmmm… and more

Hmmm… you would have to have been living under a rock if Rihanna’s latest video for her song We Found Love doesn’t leave you with that reaction after watching it. Let’s start with the realllly obvious – the Chris Brown relationship references. The whole video depicts Rihanna in a toxic but passionate relationship with the […]

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Rose Cordero is pregnant!

At 19. Just like Jourdan Dunn. And again, I’m really not too sure how I feel about this. Yes, clearly being a young mother has not stopped juggernaut Jourdan’s flow – she appeared in 39 shows during the just concluded fashion season. And these girls clearly have the money to be able to afford a […]