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Outrage: Jamaican mother of 6 left to die on NY hospital floor

  By now, I am sure news-savvy islandistas have heard or read of the tragic story of Esmin Green’s emergency-room death at Kings Country Hospital in Brooklyn. While others, including patients and a security guard looked on, Green who had been waiting 24 hours for a hospital bed, fell out of her chair to the […]

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Artistry vs. sexy – the mas dilemma

Beautiful … but artistic? (photo credit: Baje International) It is getting close to the summer Carnival season in the Caribbean and its diaspora. In the next few months, St. Vincent, St.Lucia, Barbados, Antigua, Grenada, Toronto, London and New York will all hold carnivals (whew!) Which brings the modern reveller to the eternal dilemma – do […]

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Like I said…

In my post of May 15th I commented about the issue of the scrutiny and criticism that many female politicians get over their appearances. At the time I said: Personally, I think considering that is now established that women are outstripping men professionally, academically and financially, we can finally finish with this foolishness of trying […]

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The small graces of small islands

Living in a small island can be a study in contradictions for islandistas. Admittedly there are times it is frustrating for us with our with more worldly tastes – personally I wish there was more theatre, more art, more restaurants, more options for partying, more career options. Not that we’re not getting there – there are more options for […]

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Interesting thoughts on feminism and femininity

I came across this in the UK Guardian a little while ago, in a Q&A with Nancy Dell’Olio (most famous for being the girlfriend of former England football coach and current but-soon-to-be-sacked Manchester City coach Sven Goran Eriksson). This one comment jumped out at me: ” Are you a feminist? I am new feminist. New […]


In praise of the praise songs of West Indian men

Who says Caribbean men don’t show their emotions? Just today in town, I got two passionate declarations of love – in an hour and a half! And none of them were from my man! The first a fervent “Ras…I love that size” as I entered a boutique. The second a more straightforward “Empress, I love […]

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An attractive female politician – the horror!

Just what is people’s problem anyhow? Why is it that whenever a female politician shows any hint of femininity it is jumped upon and savaged? Meanwhile, no-one gives a shit about what male politicians look like. Wandering through the net this morning, I unfortunately ended up on the site of the British tabloid, the Daily […]

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No kiddies allowed

I noticed an interesting concept in a party I’m thinking of attending this weekend. On the Facebook flyer, it explicitly states ’21 and up, id required’. I think this is great! Frankly, I am getting TIRED of seeing the kiddies out at every damn place I party. Call me old and miserable – cos I damn well am!  When I […]

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Summer trend: tams

Or beanies. Or knitted caps. Whatever. It’s one fashion trend for the summer that I can definitely get behind and support … and it is not often I can say that in these 80s-regurgitating, skinny-jean wearing, leg-warmer sporting lord-save-us, last days of fashion. I started noticing it a few weeks ago at various parties -several […]

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Broodiness vs. wanderlust

I’m ready. I’m not ready yet. Damn it, sometimes it sucks to have the world as your oyster. Let me explain what I mean. I’m in my 20s and if I lived in a big city instead of a Caribbean island, I’d be pretty much what you would call a yuppie or buppie (young urban profession […]