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Islandistas Rihanna and Nicki Minaj take magazine covers by storm

Elle, Esquire UK, V Magazine and Billboard – that is the magazine roll call for islandista super stars Rihanna and Nicki Minaj for December and November’s only just started!

Both the Trini and the Baje are baring a lot in the magazine spreads with Rihanna showing plenty of skin in the Esquire pix and Nicki letting us know how she really feels about her hypocritics.

In the V Magazine piece which was shot by Mario Testino, Nicki is biting about those who criticised her Anaconda music video, saying:

You’re talking about newspeople who don’t even know anything about hip-hop culture. It’s so disrespectful for them to even comment on something they have no idea about. They don’t say anything when they’re watching the Victoria’s Secret  show and seeing boobs and thongs all day. Why? Shame on them. Shame on them for commenting on “Anaconda” and not commenting on the rest of the oversexualized business we’re a part of.” 

Nicki Minaj cover's V Magazine's November/December issue. (Photo credit: Mario Testino via instagram)
Nicki Minaj cover’s V Magazine’s November/December issue. (Photo credit: Mario Testino via instagram)

Nicki is equally serious in her Billboard Magazine interview, emphasising a point we’ve heard her make before about her laser-focus on her career.

People don’t know how heavily involved I am in my own career,” she says in a no-nonsense tone. “I’m on 15 to 25 conference calls every few days strategizing with my team. I think a lot of artists sit back and have it done for them. Sometimes as women in the industry — if you’re sexy or like doing sexy things — some people subconsciously negate your brain. They think you’re stupid.”

Nicki Minaj has a lot to say in her Billboard Magazine interview.
Nicki Minaj has a lot to say in her Billboard Magazine interview.

Rihanna meanwhile is playful in her December interviews with Elle and Esquire. Her Elle cover is her fourth in the last 6 years and her fifth time being shot for the magazine, making her by EIC Robbie Myer’s admission the “most covered celebrity of my [15 year] tenure”.

Rihanna Elle Magazine December cover Rihanna Elle mag outtake 1 Rihanna Elle mag outtake 2 Rihanna Elle outtake 3

Elle has given just the briefest of excerpts from Riri’s interview where she talks about sounding like her mother, her greatest fear (childbirth) and her cooking skills which include “the sickest mac n cheese you will ever taste!”

She gives the recipe for this mac and cheese and a whole lot more very essential, solid West Indian fare in her Esquire interview which comes with sizzling, slightly NSFW pictures.

Rihanna Esquire outtake 1

Rihanna's Esquire UK cover shot by Ellen Upworthy.
Rihanna’s Esquire UK cover shot by Ellen Upworthy.

Rihanna Esquire outtake 2

The mac n cheese sounds suspiciously like an unbaked version of the Bajan staple – macaroni pie, with Rihanna confessing that she fell in love with the texture of her recipe when the gas ran out halfway through the original dish. She also gives her recipe for fish cakes, rum punch, lemonade (which Bajans make with limes and still call lemonade…go figure) and callaloo and salt fish. Sadly, no recipe for her Christmas fave – and nod to her Guyanese heritage- pepper pot!

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