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Meghan Trainor’s surprising soca background

Pop star and soca lover Meghan Trainor.
Pop star and soca lover Meghan Trainor.

By now, you surely must have heard Meghan Trainor’s number one hit ‘All About That Bass’.

The catchy, bass-heavy (of course) tribute to thickies has been all over the radio.

Its popularity has been boosted by her fun and frothy music video with its pastel colours, bamsy-shaking and none-too-subtle digs at skinnier women.

The 20 year old from Nantucket has also been a lightning rod for controversy with commentators and critics questioning whether her tune was skinny-shaming.

Some have also questioned whether the song is un-feminist, pointing to lines like “my mama, she told me don’t worry about your size/Boys want a little more booty to hold at night” and saying they encourage young women to seek body validation in men and not within themselves.

Because you know, it can’t ever be just a song.

But! More interesting than all of that (to us at least) is that this all-American girl from Nantucket is a big soca fan, going as far as to call it her “favourite sound”.

Wait, what?

And no, she’s not of West Indian descent.

But her aunt married a Trini and not just any Trini but Burton Toney, former lead singer in big band Atlantik, alongside the Queen of Bacchanal herself, Destra Garcia.

Her uncle-in-law’s influence sparked a love for soca in Meghan and her younger brother and along with her aunt and dad, they formed a small soca band. In fact she credits Toney with teaching her about performing.

And even as this pop star’s star rises, her love for the music of the Caribbean remains intact as she told

“That’s my pop music – reggae, soca, kaiso. That’s what I listen to every morning.”


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