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Monday wear reach!

Mega Monday!

It belong to we!

It belong to we!

The words of Sanctuary’s massive Crop-Over 2014 hit seem to be ringing truer than ever for Trinidad’s Carnival Monday wear designers after IslandMe Magazine hosted the Monday Rocks the Runway show on Saturday night. It marked the first ever collaborative‎ Monday wear showcase and boldly came smack in the middle of band launch season in Trinidad, suggesting that Monday wear has been elevated to a level of importance and consideration once given only to full Carnival costumes. 

Featuring the designs of popular Monday wear designers such as Christian Boucaud, J Angelique and Ryan Chan, the show had Monday wear to suit every taste from fairly simple bikinis, monokinis and one-piece swimsuits to dramatic designs with feathered backpacks that were thisclose to being full costumes in their own right.

A selection of the Monday wear seen at the Monday Rocks show. (Photo credit: IslandME Magazine)
A selection of the Monday wear seen at the Monday Rocks show. (Photo credit: IslandME Magazine)

It attracted a stylish crowd of discerning Carnival hotties with eyes peeled for their outfits for Monday, February 16, 2015.

It has also attracted a lot of comment along the lines of “But weyyy, Monday wear need a whole runway show now?!” with many sniping about the concept of designer Monday wear being a rip off.

To which we say, to each her own. Islandista examined the Monday wear phenomenon in our pre-summer 2014 issue and the best comment on it came from marketing manager Tricia Henry who asserted:

“Carnival is one of my very few indulgences so I am prepared to pay for Monday wear and I don’t feel like I have to justify it to anyone since I am paying for it myself.”

Plus, if we had any doubt that we are way past the days of a boy shorts and tank top being ok for Monday, Saturday night’s show and the turnout and interest confirmed what we already knew.

Monday wear reach.

(For more photos, check IslandME Magazine, or Trinidad Carnival Diary)

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