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Naomi Campbell goes back to her roots for Vogue UK shoot

Because the south side is the best side!

Wait…that doesn’t rhyme.

Never mind, Naomi Campbell took it back to her South London roots recently for a shoot with British Vogue called The Homecoming.

The Streatham-born model made a short hop across from her home neighbourhood for the shoot in the West Indian-British hub of Brixton.

The black and white images that have been released thus far are vibrant and full of energy. One shows rapper Tinie Tempah leaping and clicking his heels in Brixton Market next to Naomi and another shot features Ms. Campbell dropping it like its hot (or at least warm) with a slew of up-and-coming young black models.

Naomi Campbell in one of the shots from 'The Homecoming' shoot in British Vogue. (Photo credit: Bruce Weber/Vogue)
Naomi Campbell in one of the shots from ‘The Homecoming’ shoot in British Vogue. (Photo credit: Bruce Weber/Vogue)

In excerpts from the interview, Campbell is joined by her Jamaican mum Valerie Morris and her theatre school principal Barbara Speake as she speaks about growing up in South London and the sacrifices her mother made for her.

“I loved [theatre] school… My mum sacrificed a lot for me to go there. I wasn’t spoilt, but I never went without.”

She also hinted at missing her mum’s influence after she was discovered as a model at age 15 and set out on her globe-trotting career.

“I think if my mum did it all again, she’d have been with me more,” she reflected, adding “I would have liked that. Not because I needed her to look after me or because anything bad happened. But I would have loved for her to be able to experience more of it. There were so many pinch-me-I’m-dreaming moments.”

She also commented on how some of her now infamous behaviour in the past was due to the pressures of feeling like “the underdog” – pressures perhaps that other island-descended Brits can relate to and which we have written about before.

“I always felt the underdog. And for a long time, I wouldn’t allow people to be there for me. My f**k-ups led me to see that in every way, this was obviously not a good pattern.”

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