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Ex-Scandal star Columbus Short in Bim for Crop-Over! But is he a wanted man?

Well… this is certainly a bit awkward.

TMZ and a host of American media outlets are reporting that former ‘Scandal’ star Columbus Short is a wanted man. Apparently a judge reportedly issued a warrant for his arrest earlier this week after he failed to appear in court for a hearing in his domestic violence case involving his estranged wife.

It was reportedly the second time in as many days that he’d missed a court appearance after showing up quite late for a hearing in a separate case the previous day.

However as all of Barbados has known for some time, Short was set to appear at several parties and events for the climax of Crop-Over with the band Fantasy Barbados.

Short's arrival was documented on Instagram. (Photo credit: Hope Jordan via Instagram)
Short’s arrival was documented on Instagram. (Photo credit: Hope Jordan via Instagram)

So said, so done and local media documented his arrival at the airport on Wednesday as well as his meet and greet the next night where he met and posed with Culture Minister Stephen Lashley.

His arrival had been hyped for some time by the band which makes this situation all the more puzzling. Didn’t he or ‘his people’ realise that they had a kind of serious scheduling clash? Because it’s not like these cases are new news either. Since February, Short’s allegedly erratic behaviour has spilled out into the public after he was first charged with spousal battery and then in April, slapped with a restraining order by wife Tanee McCall-Short. In between that he was arrested on suspicion of felony battery after a reported bar fight. The whole fiasco eventually led to his Scandal exit.

And yet…Fantasy chose to bring him here. Hmm.

From the start, it seemed like an eyebrow-raising choice to many (including us) but if it has worked to bump sales among the legions of Scandal-crazy fans in Bim, maybe Fantasy figures it’s worth it.

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