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Behind the scenes on our Summer 2014 edition!

Summer may be a time associated with relaxation but for us at Islandista HQ, it is time to work, work, work (channeling Li’l Rick there)!

As readers of this blog would know, we branched out into print two years ago and this year we’ve taken it up a notch going from two editions to four editions per year.

For our summer issue we are all about celebration. Our theme is ‘Celebrating summer, celebrating sisterhood, celebrating success’.

Because after all, isn’t celebration exactly what summer in the Caribbean is all about? With carnivals in Antigua, Grenada, St. Lucia, St. Vincent and of course, Barbados, Dream Weekend in Jamaica, Great Race in Trinidad and CPL all over the place, summer is the time to free up and enjoy yourself!

And that is just what we are doing in this edition which is going to be packed full of upbeat, engaging and exciting features and fashion editorials.

Click on through to take a sneak peek at what we’ve been up to and get an idea of what is to come in the last week of July!

Amleya-Clarke-FBweb-2048px-_DSC7349 Amleya-Clarke-FBweb-2048px-_DSC7367 Amleya-Clarke-FBweb-2048px-_DSC7358 Amleya-Clarke-FBweb-2048px-_DSC7355 Amleya-Clarke-FBweb-2048px-_DSC7373 Amleya-Clarke-FBweb-2048px-_DSC7376 Amleya-Clarke-FBweb-2048px-_DSC7378 Amleya-Clarke-FBweb-2048px-_DSC7386 Amleya-Clarke-FBweb-2048px-_DSC7390 Amleya-Clarke-FBweb-2048px-_DSC7415 Amleya-Clarke-FBweb-2048px-_DSC7434 Amleya-Clarke-FBweb-2048px-_DSC7440 Amleya-Clarke-FBweb-2048px-_DSC7442 Amleya-Clarke-FBweb-2048px-_DSC7464 Amleya-Clarke-FBweb-2048px-_DSC7491 Amleya-Clarke-FBweb-2048px-_DSC7493 Amleya-Clarke-FBweb-2048px-_DSC7497 Amleya-Clarke-FBweb-2048px-_DSC7532 Amleya-Clarke-FBweb-2048px-_DSC7604 Amleya-Clarke-FBweb-2048px-_DSC7626

By Me

island ~ ista
From Latin -ista via Portuguese -ista
one who follows a principle; an adept.

As an islandista I live, embody, exude the spirit of the Caribbean islands.

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