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DIY Brows

by Michelle Bridgeman

Hey all you Islandistas out there! It’s your girl Mimii, and I know I haven’t posted in a minute, but who thought that between school and work they would be trying to kill me? I’m back though and here to give all the ladies out there an amazing, SIMPLE brow tutorial that would put you on the track of creating those perfect brows.

First you need to know your face type. That is the best way to know what then is your best brow shape. They are six basic face types and those are: oval, square, long, round, heart and diamond.
1.Square faced – If you have a square shaped face you will want to depend on your jawline. Create a more defined arch so as to combat those angles that your face is already creating and to give balance.

2.Oval faced – You don’t want to defined of an arch to throw off the shape of the face. Generally a soft angled arch is accepted.

3.Long faced – A flat eyebrow shape is the way to go. The horizontal lines will “stop” your viewers from noticing how elongated your face is.

4. Round faced – Your solution is a high arched brow. Its up and down lines will draw your views to this fact. It creates more vertical lines and try to stay away from rounded arches as they make the face look more rounded.

5. Heart-shaped faced – Your forehead is generally the widest part of your head. Depending on how prominent your forehead is, start first with a low arch,round curved brows then add more volume to it.

6. Diamond faced – A curved eyebrow shape is the way to go. The curves will soften your angled face and reduce the widest part of your face, temples.



So you have figured out your face type and you know the correct shape of brows for you. Now you want to figure out three basic points of your eyebrows to better define that arch.
Step 1 – Take a tweezers (or anything straight) and place it directly next to your nose vertically. That is the point where your brows start. Anywhere past that line you should tweeze those hairs.
Step 2 – Take your tweezers and keeping your head straight and eyes forward place the tweezers directly next to the iris closest to you ear. That is the point where you arch begins.
Step 3 – Taking your tweezers once again, place them to the side of the nose at an angle. Let you tweezers pass that out corner of your eye and that is where your brow finishes.
Step 4 – Taking your tweezers place them just below the brow itself. How far the brow should extend down the face. This is determined by the top eyelid. The highest point of the eyelid is how low the brows edged should come down the face.





By Me

island ~ ista
From Latin -ista via Portuguese -ista
one who follows a principle; an adept.

As an islandista I live, embody, exude the spirit of the Caribbean islands.

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