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Six years of chronicling islandista fabulousness!

a message from Islandista Editor-in-chief Amanda Lynch-Foster

Today marks exactly six years since I wrote my first post on Islandista. It was not my first foray into blogging – that had come over a year earlier with some other, earlier experiments where I dabbled in more a somewhat different beast. Islandista was an outlet for my more feminine side. Not that I’m a tomboy but my thinking was to have a place to explore the delights of being a woman and more specifically a Caribbean woman. So I indulged my love for Carnival costumes with wing-like arm pieces and clothing with origami like folds. I pondered how to balance my increasing broodiness with my wanderlust. I obsessed over Caribbean fashion.

It started out as a very personal endeavor – really just a space to pore over the things I love most about being a Caribbean woman. Strangely enough, at some point, it started to interest others as well. I had no expectations of it being a thing but people came along for the ride and for that I am grateful.

In that time, Islandista has evolved. In 2012, we added a physical (and now digital as well) magazine which has allowed us to explore and create original content. We’ve added all kinds of ways to communicate and connect with like-minded islandistas – a Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram accounts and a Pinterest page. We even held our first charitable event last year – the Power Dressing Party.

I have learned a lot over the last 6 years. First I’ve learned about myself and my capabilities but most importantly I have learned so much about just how utterly fabulous and fascinating Caribbean women are.

I mean, obviously I had a good idea of it but running this blog has opened my eyes to so much more. My number one joy in running Islandista has been coming across new (to me and often to you) islandistas doing fantastic things.

I absolutely love when I get what I call an ‘islandista inkling’ – that feeling that this super cool chick being profiled in this global magazine is from the Caribbean. I was super excited when my hunch that stylist June Ambrose’s distinctive last name meant she was from Antigua turned out to be true. I squealed when I saw a video of actress Kerry Washington raving about how she has to have her mother’s Jamaican black cake when it’s Christmastime. I was thrilled when I read model Sigrid Agren giving her interviewer a crash course in French Caribbean patois.

Caribbean women rock. We rock so hard. We are out there in the world doing great things, creating, entertaining and leading with class and flair. And whether born here or first, second or even third generation, it has truly been a joy to see how islandistas roam the world but still hold on to their Caribbean heritage in various ways.

Six years on, I’m still excited to discover Caribbean connections and to showcase the talent, style and skill of islandistas to our readers. To our readers – thanks for six great years and let’s keep going!

By Me

island ~ ista
From Latin -ista via Portuguese -ista
one who follows a principle; an adept.

As an islandista I live, embody, exude the spirit of the Caribbean islands.

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