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A sneak peek and a full look at two hot Crop-Over bands

Zulu International dropped a sneak peek yesterday of what people can expect to see from them come May 3rd when they launch their Crop-Over 2014 presentation, Once Upon A Time. The video came out yesterday, featuring Banks calendar girl Faith Callender as Little Red Riding Hood wandering through a forest of magical Crop-Over creatures.



While the theme Once Upon a Time isn’t new to mas or even Crop-Over (Island Fusion did it back in 2012 when they launched and then relaunched their Foreday Morning band), it is always an exciting theme with a ton of possibilities from the realm of myths, fairy tales and even Disney movies. And all I am saying is that if a Crop-Over band is doing a Once Upon A Time theme, I demand they do a costume that caters to my long documented obsession with winglike…arm…pieces! More about my obsession and a look at another band under the cut!

Zulu gave a hint at some of the design elements and colours for this year.
Zulu gave a hint at some of the design elements and colours for this year.

Make dem fairies, pixies, heck, even the flying monkeys from Wizard of Oz (ok, not really), I just want wings dammit! Don’t let it be nuh noise, Zulu. Is a long time I waiting for a costume wid wings for Crop-Over. So now I have issued the necessary threats, let’s check out a band that has already launched – Dragon Fly Mass (still don’t get the two s’ for the name). They launched a few weeks ago with a theme that also offers a lot of promise – Circus. The execution of said theme is still a bit hit and miss as Dragon Fly has been from the start. The costumes are sexy and the execution of some of them is great. For instance, despite the mishmash of colours, I really like ‘A Harlequin’s Life’. The boldness in doing the classic clown’s black and white check is commendable and the rest of the colours actually work well with it.

dragon fly mass 2014 - harlequin midline

I am underwhelmed by Vintage Lion tamer, both the midline (no backline in this band apparently) and the frontline which is not that much of a step up from the backline…sorry midline.

Vintage Lion Tamer midline
Vintage Lion Tamer midline
Vintage Lion Tamer front line
Vintage Lion Tamer front line

In fact, I actually prefer the midline with its beautifully plumed side backpack. Maybe I’m old school or maybe I have too much hair to appreciate how a tiara can trump a lavishly feathered headpiece or maybe that’s just another of my documented obsessions *blush* but if you are going with just a tiara for the front line, then I think it calls for a proper, large backpack, not just feathered arm pieces and leg pieces. Front line divas watch face as much as waist and the drama of the backpack or large headpiece framing your expertly made up face is part of the appeal of frontline.

dragon fly mass 2014 - imaginary world
The Imaginary World -a tribute to gymnasts, contortionists and tight-rope walkers.

Now a backpack like this would have more said front line to me. I like the colours and design of the imaginary world. While it’s very safe, classic front line, it’s well executed and pretty. The final section is a premium section sponsored by U’Luva Vodka, entitled ‘U’Luva Crop-Over’. While it’s pretty and I like the suggestion of wings in the backpack, I’m kind of disappointed that this section does not actually have a circus theme. I feel like that was a missed opportunity.

The U'Luva Crop-Over section
The U’Luva Crop-Over section

I also feel that another one or two sections would have made the Circus theme more complete. A ringmaster for sure is needed in a circus and would have allowed for a very sexy and innovative costume design – not to mention some sort of cool whip! A strongman would also have been a nice option for the fellas. Anyhow, islandistas, what do you think? Are you feeling Dragon Fly and are you feeling the excitement for Zulu’s launch?

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