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Talk about early! Fantasy Barbados is first out of the gates for Crop-Over 2014

In what must surely be the earliest Crop-Over band presentation ever seen in Bim, Fantasy Barbados launched their Crop-Over 2014 presentation Great Empires at the Hilton’s Charles Fort last night.

Yes, you read that right – in the middle of March – nearly five months ahead of Kadooment Day. Crop-Over has definitely gone to another level with such an early launch. I always think early band launches are a good thing for the consumers as it gives them plenty of time to plan their experience in advance.

It will be interesting to see if some of the other big bands follow suit or if they will hang back until the traditional late May, early June launching season.

Especially since Fantasy’s presentation last night would definitely have put the pressure on because we must say – it’s looking hot!

I’ve already been getting messages this morning from would-be masqueraders based overseas who have seen it and have had their interest piqued.

Fantasy definitely stepped up their own levels this year, with a super sexy spider monokini, some outstanding feathered backpacks and some exciting colour combos.

'Hollywood Empire' - one of the sections from Fantasy Barbados' Crop-Over 2014 presentation.
‘Hollywood Empire’ – one of the sections from Fantasy Barbados’ Crop-Over 2014 presentation.

I’m bemoaning the passing of the waistband which is clearly on its way to carnival extinction, having been basically replaced by the bejewelled panty but c’est la vie I guess.

Look out for the photos from the launch over the course of the weekend.

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