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Caribbean couple: Jourdan Dunn dating Liverpool striker Daniel Sturridge?

Word around (London) town is that one of our favourite islandistas in the fashion world, Brit-Jamaican Jourdan Dunn is dating fellow Brit-Jamaican Daniel Sturridge, the Liverpool striker.

According to the Daily Mail and other sources, the pair made their first outing as a couple during London Fashion Week, when they attended the after-party for the Mulberry show and reportedly “kissing and cuddling, and very much acting like a couple.”

Cute Caribbean couple: supermodel Jourdan Dunn (left) is reportedly dating Liverpool striker Daniel Sturridge.
Cute Caribbean couple: supermodel Jourdan Dunn (left) is reportedly dating Liverpool striker Daniel Sturridge.

Even in paparazzi-coated London, they still have not been photographed together.  However as Islandista readers would remember, Jourdan has a 3 year old son Riley who was born a few weeks after his father and Jourdan’s teen boyfriend Jordan Cummings, was jailed for cocaine possession.

Going through that harrowing experience very publicly as a teen mum has made Jourdan understandably cautious. Plus her son has sickle cell anemia which is nothing to be trifled with.

“’They have grown steadily close. But they have been keeping their relationship very quiet. ‘Jourdan has a young son and she’s always cautious about letting new men into her life,” a source told the UK’s Sun on Sunday.

And though footballers are on par with royalty when it comes to English obsession and tend to have the egos to boot, fortunately and with fingers crossed, Daniel, whose grandparents all hail from Jamaica, seems to be one of the nice guys.

He’s well known for being forthright about his Christian faith, even in irreligious Britain where religious expression is given a bit of a side-eye.

He’s also made it clear that he’s a one-woman kind of man who isn’t much into partying though he’s not judging those who do, as he told the Mail some years back:

“’I’m not like everyone else. I only have one girlfriend, I don’t go out to clubs and go drinking. But I don’t think there is anything wrong with players doing that. People in every other job do, so it’s wrong for people to say footballers can’t.”

Like Jourdan and many other young Brits of Caribbean descent, he is very much into his Caribbean heritage and along with his family, set up the Sturridge Family Foundation in Jamaica to encourage young people to get into sports.

Here’s hoping for good things for this young Caribbean couple!


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