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Tweets for Chef Nina after Top Chef finale shocker

So as we all know by now, islandista Chef Nina Compton did not win Bravo’s Top Chef last night.

Obviously, it was a blow to all of us on #TeamNina and especially #Teamgreenfigandsaltfish, the hash tag which her fellow St. Lucians have been rallying under for the past week or so as excitement built.

Annnnd of course, we’re biased a bit. Ok, we’re biased a lot! We really, really wanted to see another islandista come out on top.

However, within minutes of Top Chef ending last night, it became clear that Caribbean people were not the only ones disappointed that Nina had not won.

Twitter exploded last night and folks were that Chef Nick Elmi beat out our girl for the Top Chef crown.

She's not pleased about the Top Chef decision. At all.
She’s not pleased about the Top Chef decision. At all.

First, they were not pleased that a chef who had consistently underseasoned all season (see what I did there?) beat out a consistently strong cheftestant.

Tweets for Nina 3

Annnnd people thought his personality was a bit unsavoury too.

Tweets for Nina 1

They angrily tweeted that chief judge Tom Colicchio bullied the other judges – to the extent that Tom had to tweet in his own defense.

Tweets for Nina 5

Tweets for Nina - tom defense


Not that people gave a damn how many points Tom and his judging panel allocated. Because they were still Team Nina all the way, resulting in her winning the US$10K fan favourite title.

Tweets for Nina 6

by a landslide. (There’s a political pun somewhere in there but I’ll leave it alone)

On Bravo’s after-show Watch What Happens Live, where both Nina and Nick were guests, Colicchio gave some credence to fans’ annoyance during his call-in, admitting:

“Nick clearly cooked better that night but Nina clearly cooked better all season.”

Harumph. Well why did you…never mind.

He also admitted that he will probably never be able to step foot in St. Lucia again. Well, after they held a huge viewing party in the main square in the capital city only to see her lose out, no, we don’t think they will be very pleased with you.

Still, words cannot express how proud we are of Nina’s accomplishment and of how she carried herself during the contest. It’s always an exciting moment for us from these small rocks in the sea when one of our own shows their skill on the world stage.

And it is always even more joyful when they wholeheartedly embrace our enthusiasm and support as Nina did and as Tessanne did before her and Anya before them. To love and be loved back by your region is a great thing. #teamgreenfigandsaltfish can still hold their heads high.

Still a winner!
Still a winner!

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one who follows a principle; an adept.

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