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Fully Elevated – Elevate: Suit & Tie – Sinatras and Monroes

by Michelle Bridgeman

This past Christmas season brought on many things to look forward to. Whether it was the up and coming events, joy of spending time with family or the thrill in opening gifts. Whatever the reason this season was an exciting one. Adding to this excitement were some messages not to be forgotten. Love, giving, joy and peace to all.

An event which focused on all these messages for season was Elevate: Suit + Tie – Sinatras and Monroes.
This event hosted by ELEVATEvent Live Team was one to not be missed. The ELEVATE team, which consists of three young vivacious individuals created an event where they could give back. The event which the dress code went along the lines of “On My Suit + Tie” gave way to members of the public mingling and mixing with the likes of international DJs as well as the LIME ladies.

In an interview with the ELEVATEvent Live Team we here at Islandista just had to find out a few things:

Everyone knows that for young children the joy of Christmas is receiving gifts. What would you say is your drive or reason that prompted you to host an event where part proceeds went to a charity, in a time where it seems that everyone wants to receive but forget to give?

At ELEVATE our mandate as a group is to give, whether it is giving patrons a great experience at our events at a great price or giving back to the community, specifically those in need, through charitable donations. This element of charity we try to incorporate into every event and through it, we also seek to sensitize our patrons and social media followers to these worthy causes which we support.

Why this particular charity? (Rotary Club Feed The Needy Programme)

We have supported a range of charitable projects before, however the Rotary’s Feed the Needy Programme was one which we were particularly drawn to for our December event ELEVATE SUIT & TIE.  This initiative is geared towards providing warm wholesome meals to the homeless and underprivileged at Hero’s square on the last Monday of every month. The Rotary Club has also recently added a new dimension to the project where care packages will also be distributed along with the meals. Packages will contain basic necessities and toiletries which will go a long way to help those in need. Therefore by supporting the Rotary we saw the initiative as one which would have a tangible and direct impact on the less fortunate in our society.

Tell me a bit about the ELEVATE Team and how ElevateEvents Live began.

The ELEVATE Team is comprised of three individuals, all young professionals, all dynamic in spirit and personality and we loooove a good party! We all have our specific niches when it comes to ELEVATE and work well together in bringing our concepts alive. ELEVATE began back in December 2011 when we held our first event which was self-entitled “ELEVATE” on the Roof Deck at Limegrove. We wanted to introduce a new sophisticated and affordable party experience where people could come out and have a blast. That night was a night of many firsts as it also was the first major event to be held on the Roof Deck at Limegrove and we had an amazing time. The name ELEVATE itself, coming about from the need to always take things to the next level and constantly evolving. Since then we’ve continued to “elevate” and we’ve held other major events including the more recent “ELEVATE SEDUCTIVE” at Bagatelle Great House and “ELEVATE ST. TROPEZ” at Fusion Restaurant Beach Front which were well received from our patrons.

What made you decide to start a name or rather a brand that will host events?

We believed there was a gap in the market for the discerning patron who required a quality event at a reasonable price, so ELEVATE is built on a value for money premise which really has been the sticking point with our patrons. We hope to have a lasting brand and we believe the only way to achieve this is not to compromise on the quality of our product and a commitment to innovative ideas  which will keep patrons wanting to continue to support ELEVATE events. Check us out on Facebook and Instagram @elevateeventslive for more details….we’ve got lots in store for 2014!


By Me

island ~ ista
From Latin -ista via Portuguese -ista
one who follows a principle; an adept.

As an islandista I live, embody, exude the spirit of the Caribbean islands.

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