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Taking makeup from day to night, 7 days a week!

by Michelle Bridgeman

As women we all know the importance of looking our best at all times. Whether it’s day or night, first date or first day on the job, we want to dazzle! Islandista understands and so we’ve put together some tips to help you put your best face forward 24-7.

One thing we islandistas must remember is that makeup for day and night are completely different. The makeup you rock during the day is just not going to have the same effect once the sun goes down.

Weekday Mornings

Pretty and Polished

Smooth Skin – When you wake in the morning, your skin is in its most dewy (wet) state. This means you won’t need to cover it up as much. Applying a thin veil of any sheer coverage foundation can do the trick and give you that flawless look.
Rosy Cheeks – Now this only applies to those islandistas of fairer complexion, but when we wake in the morning our circulation is naturally slower and so the skin tends to look a bit paler. This is where a little blush comes into play.

Weekday Evenings

Gorgeous and Glowing

Silky Skin – By the time night comes around, the skin can be dehydrated, especially in the warm weather we have in the Caribbean. This is where a good moisturizing foundation can work wonders on your skin. The foundation gives you the coverage you need and moisturizes the skin to perfection. If needed, add concealer to any blemishes on the face.

Gleaming Cheeks – You’ve had a full day on the go and so the skin is flushed with the pumping of your blood. Blush is usually never needed at night as the blood’s circulation is at its peak and so the skin has a natural flushed gleam.

Weekend Mornings

Bronzed and Breezy

Sun-Kissed Skin – The extra sleep we tend to get on the weekend helps to boost blood flow, giving skin that extra radiant glow that has women gasping and men staring. (But we don’t mind do we? 😉 ) Since busy islandistas use weekends to be on the go, a moisturizing foundation with SPF is a must to protect us from the rays of the Caribbean sun. No blush needed, but a nice touch of bronzer can do the trick.

Weekend Evenings

Seductive and Sexy

Iridescent Skin – Yes you heard me. This is not limited to women of fairer complexion. Women of color can achieve this look too. After the sun goes down it is prime time to shine and what better way than being the best you can be face wise? To really get that glow, add shimmer powder to the major areas – brow bones, cheekbones and decolletage.

Tawny Cheeks – Adjust to your surroundings with a more dramatic blush than you would wear during the day. BUT apply before you go out. You wouldn’t want to be caught dead looking like a clown when you are going for the seductive look. Perfect lighting is key and you are not going to get that in a restaurant or club bathroom. It is always easy to overdo.

Full red lips, perfect winged tip, eye highlights and a bit of brown to crease the eye – simple yet effective evening look

Like my mother always said “it is always easier to put in more than to take out that more.” I have always applied this when it comes to makeup

By Me

island ~ ista
From Latin -ista via Portuguese -ista
one who follows a principle; an adept.

As an islandista I live, embody, exude the spirit of the Caribbean islands.

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