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Report: Zoe Saldana opts for a ‘secret’ wedding too!

Zoe Saldana and her husband (maybe?) Marco Perego leaving a club in Mayfair, London.
Zoe Saldana and her husband (maybe?) Marco Perego leaving a club in Mayfair, London.

So around the same time that Kerry Washington was easing off to quietly tie the knot in mid-June, it seems that another smart, talented islandista actress was doing the same thing – and even more quietly! In fact, news is only just trickling out.

According to US Weekly, one of our favourite islandistas, Zoe Saldana got married in London in June to her artist boyfriend, Marco Perego. They even confidently quote a seemingly in-the-know source who said the wedding was:

“Super small but very romantic and beautiful.”

Adding to the buzz is the couple’s behaviour recently in London when Zoe and Marco seemed to go to great lengths to hide their hands from the paparazzi, sparking speculation that they were attempting to hide their rings.

. Zoe went much the same route on the red carpet at the opening of the Longchamp store, sticking her left hand in the pocket of her cute shorts.

By the way, isn’t it hilarious how the international press terms these weddings ‘secret’ even though by all reports they took place in front of at least a few friends and family? You know, the people who actually are entitled to know. But I guess ‘stars keeping their private business private’ doesn’t have the same ring as “secret wedding bombshell” (actual quote from Us Weekly.)

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