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So basically twerking is wukking up?

So twerking has been in the news a lot recently…thanks for that Miley Cyrus.

The rise of twerking culminated (or crashed depending on which direction you’re coming from) with Miley’s dreadful VMAs performance last week.

Now it's called twerking. (L-R - Denyse 'Saucy Wow' Belfon, dancers i Bumaye video, Miley Cyrus)
Now it’s called twerking.
(L-R – Denyse ‘Saucy Wow’ Belfon, dancers i Bumaye video, Miley Cyrus)

Oxford Dictionary added it to their online dictionary of current English and CNN and every major (ie. ‘serious’) news network covered her performance and twerking and whether it could be classified as cultural appropriation, way too much.

The best commentary we’ve seen on it thus far is this article on, The Origins of Twerking‘. The author’s comments and those of many of the commenters, finally spurred us to check out what exactly was twerking (we knew Miley’s performance wasn’t it).

In search of knowledge, we went to the youtube channel of the reigning queens of twerk, Miss Luscious and Miss Twerksum, otherwise known as the Twerk Team.

And what we discovered was…twerking is wukking up.

Silly us, we thought it was an actual new dance. It’s not. There is exactly nothing new about it.

It is what Denyse Belfon does (and makes us do) when she goes ‘eh-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh’.

It is just ‘sticking it’ or ‘trembling it’ or ‘bouncing it’ or what the average Jamaican dancehall queen can do – standing on her head. Like this chick is doing in Major Lazer’s Bumaye video.

Can we tell you, we’re a little disappointed? Really thought that twerking was something more revolutionary than this, considering all the fuss that’s being made about it.

Turns out I was doing it for every other soca song for years.

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