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Islandista news round-up – Zoe Saldana’s film deal, Jourdan Dunn’s nude GQ shoot and Rihanna as Josephine Baker?

Here at Islandista, we’re revving up for the Spring/Summer 2014 fashion shows that will kick off come Thursday, September 5 with New York Fashion Week (aka Mercedes Benz Fashion Week). The S/S fashion shows are always so much more interesting to us to be honest because the fashion is much more relateable for an islandista lifestyle!

In the meantime however, there are all kinds of things going on in the world of celebrity islandistas with big deals being struck and big film roles being negotiated.

Zoe Saldana with her sister Cisley.
Zoe Saldana with her sister Cisley.

Saldana Productions, a company Zoe Saldana co-owns with sisters Cisley and Mariel, has negotiated a deal with Lionsgate to develop TV and movie projects aimed at Latino audiences. This is sounding like a very smart move by the Saldana sisters – the Hollywood Reporter, which first broke the story notes that the Hispanic population in the United States is estimated at 50 million and “poised to grow four times faster than the rest of the U.S.” Even considering how catch-all the term Hispanic is in the United States (everyone from white Latinos to black islandistas like Zoe and indigenous people), they are all, in their diversity, under-represented in mainstream U.S. entertainment and with such huge numbers, this obviously will not stay this way much longer. Definitely a savvy decision by one of our favourite islandistas!

In other film news, word is that Rihanna is being considered to play the legendary Josephine Baker in an upcoming biopic.

Various media entitles, including Vogue Australia have quoted the producer of the biopic, Lance W. Reynolds of Atlantic Films and Television as saying in a statement that:

“Rihanna is one of the most talented performers of this millennium and with her unique acting and performing abilities, I have no doubt she will bring Josephine back to life on the big screen.”

Unique acting abilities? 


Still, if the hearsay is true and the biopic actually does get off the ground and Rihanna does get the role, it could be a huge thing for her already huge career. Josephine Baker’s story is absolutely movie calibre fascinating – married four times, starting at 13, a spy for the French Resistance, adopted 12 children, was one of the speakers at the March on Washington. All this from a girl born in illegitimacy and poverty in St. Louis. Ms. Baker was someone who really, actually started from the bottom before she got here (or there.) And a great musical biopic has been the vehicle into a real film career for underrated entertainers before Rihanna (Jamie Foxx and Jennifer Hudson surely come to mind.)

Jourdan Dunn for GQ Magazine.
Jourdan Dunn for GQ Magazine.

Annnd since we’re on the topic of famous women known for not wearing much (Rihanna’s stage and street outfits still have nothing on Ms. Baker’s Danse Sauvage costume), Jourdan Dunn has taken it all off for GQ in sizzling photos that go with a typically Jourdan, no-holds barred interview. She told GQ journo Marc Anthony Green that people have misconceptions about her since she ….err… does not hold her tongue as we have posted about here too many times to mention.

“People think that I’m against fashion—or that I’m ghetto or a loudmouth. I’m not. But if speaking my opinion makes me that girl, fine. I’ll take that crown.”

You see why we love this girl? Tek that crown Jourdan, don’t tek back yuh chat!

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one who follows a principle; an adept.

As an islandista I live, embody, exude the spirit of the Caribbean islands.

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