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Rihanna’s home for Crop-Over…cue international press hysteria

Rihanna is back home and jamming for Crop-Over and unlike last time, when she only jumped for Kadooment Day and stayed mostly on the truck, she got home in time for the Foreday Morning and this time she was!

Rihanna jamming in the 'Hitched' section of Intimate by Island Fusion for Foreday Morning.
Rihanna jamming in the ‘Hitched’ section of Intimate by Island Fusion for Foreday Morning.

The picture above is easily the most demure of her photos. Check the Daily Mail for her hands-flat pun-de-ground action.

While the international press reaction was sliightly less appalled than in 2011 when they acted like there weren’t 20,000 other scantily-clad revellers in the streets, it was still pretty snide, with TMZ sneering “Rihanna getting back to her half-naked roots” and the Examiner declaring “Rihanna grinds half-naked on girls in streets of Barbados, Jay-Z won’t intervene.

Mind you, it was actually two stories in one – one about her jumping for Foreday (the aforementioned half-naked grinding) and an interview where Jay-Z was asked about her perennial late stage appearances during her on-hiatus Diamonds world tour.

But let’s make it seem like Jay-Z should intervene in Rihanna’s wukking up. Because you know, context-less writing is what sells. Whatever.

Happy Crop-Over to Rihanna and all Bajans and visitors! Islandista will see you on the road tomorrow!


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As an islandista I live, embody, exude the spirit of the Caribbean islands.

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