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Kerry Washington is married…and hardly a soul knew!

Ok so cue all the “just like Olivia Pope would have done it” jokes and headlines because Kerry Washington eased off and got married two weeks ago and kept it as quiet as anything.

No-one even knew she was dating, far less engaged, far less about to jump the broom but the Jamaican-descended islandista did just that on June 24, getting married to San Francisco 49ers cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha in a hush hush ceremony in Idaho.

Idaho? No diss to the good folks of Idaho but that really is a way to keep your wedding secret because I don’t think the paps would have thought “well, let’s go to Idaho and see if any celebs are …doing…anything.”

Guess it is possible for stars to keep their private lives private when they really want to. Pretty slick feat on Kerry’s part when you consider that her husband is not exactly a nonentity and Miss Washington (well, Mrs. Asomugha now 🙂 is everywhere these days.

She was just on the cover of Elle for its June edition (you know we ran out and picked it up) and next month she will be on the cover of Vanity Fair – only the first black woman on in six years.

Kerry Washington Vanity Fair

Congrats to Kerry and her husband – may they have many years of low-key happiness!

And if you need a bit more Kerry, check out this vid from MyKeeTV where she talks a bit about the influence of her Caribbean heritage.

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